The public keys are used to verify that the certificates that reach our computer equipment have been issued by one of the certification authorities in the hierarchy of entities of the AOC Consortium.

Browsers have built-in trust in some certification bodies by default:

  • Windows: Control Panel > Internet Options > Content > Certificates
  • Mozilla Firefox browser: Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption > View certificates

The AOC Consortium meets all the necessary requirements to be included in the most used browsers, operating systems and platforms.

In cases where these keys are not pre-loaded, it is necessary to manually install the certification entity's public keys in order to enable trust.

There are two options for installing public keys:

1. Installation of all public keys from a single file (recommended). Choose according to your browser, if you use:

Edge and Google Chrome on Windows operating system

  • Save the file containing all the public keys on your hard drive, for example on your Windows desktop.
  • Click on the file with the right mouse button and choose the option “Install certificate”
  • Follow the instructions and press next at each step until the window disappears and the following message appears: "Import successfully".

Mozilla Firefox on any operating system, Windows, Linux or MAC

  • Save the file containing all the public keys to your hard drive.
  • Inside Firefox import the downloaded file by opening the options in the right side menuCapture-2.png , Options > Advanced > Certificates > View certificates > Entities tab > Import > Select file (the options shown are for Firefox version 49).

Safari and Google Chrome with MAC operating system

2. Installation of the public keys you need. To download all the required public keys of a specific hierarchy, press the button corresponding to the entity to which it belongs.

In 2015 the certification hierarchy of the AOC Consortium was reduced to 2 Certification Entities and encompassing the current ECs as follows:

  • The EC - Public Sector: which concentrates the issuance of certificates by the Public Sector of Catalonia.
  • EC-Ciutadania: which issues digital certificates to citizens.


Download and install the following keys:
1.- key of the root certifying entity of the Consortium AOC
2.- key of the citizen certification entity

Public Sector
Download and install the following keys:
1.- key of the root certifying entity of the Consortium AOC
2.- key of the Public Sector certification body

All public keys
This file contains all the public keys of the certification body since the creation of the AOC Consortium hierarchy . To download only valid keys follow the steps in the previous device.

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