If you already have the T-CAT card in your hands and have received the PIN and PUK codes, you only need to configure your equipment to be able to use it.

Below we explain the different steps to follow:

1. Check compatibility

The T-CAT works with the main operating systems and browsers on the market. If you have doubts, we recommend consulting the compatibility tables to ensure proper operation.

2. Install the public keys

Public keys are necessary for browsers to verify that certificates have been issued by a trusted certification authority (in the case of T-CAT, the trusted authority is the AOC Consortium).

If this is your first time using a T-CAT, please download and install the AOC Consortium public keys .

In the case of the T-CAT, you need to install at least the "EC-ACC" and "EC - SectorPublic" keys.

3. Install the PKI Manager software

For the operation of the T-CAT cards issued from 13/04/2023 (ie with the new cryptographic chip), the necessary software is the PKI Manager . Download PKI Manager software and manual depending on your computer's operating system. Please note that the installation requires computer administrator permissions.

4. Check the operation of the T-CAT

Note : This step is optional, you can use your T-CAT directly, but if you have any errors when using it, we recommend that you do the signature and operation tests.

Once the software required to use the T-CAT card has been installed, you just need to put it in the reader and check that it works properly .

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