The procedure for EACAT will be available soon at EACAT.

Due to a change in crypto chip qualification, T-CAT cards issued before April 13, 2023 will no longer be considered qualified certificates as of October 2023.

For this reason, and as it has been reported since November 2022 through different channels (Transmissions from EACAT to the organizations requesting certificates, AOC Blog, social networks, Registration Entities T-CAT, County Councils.. .), all affected T-CAT cards were revoked.

In this regard, the AOC will return the unpaid amount, taking into account the 4-year validity of the cards.

Below you will find answers to questions that may arise related to reimbursement and the steps to follow:

Which certificates are affected by the revocation?

Only qualified card certificates issued between October 1, 2019 and April 12, 2023 are affected .

In other words, the T-CAT that are revoked and subject to reimbursement are the following:

  • T-CAT of Public Employee
  • T-CAT of Public Worker
  • T-CAT of Representative
  • T-CAT of Pseudonym

The T-CAT cards issued from 13 April 2023 already have the new cryptographic chip. Therefore, they have not been revoked.

What about TCAT-P and operator certificates?

These certificates are not affected by the cryptographic chip change and have not been revoked. Therefore, they can be used normally. However, new carrier T-CAT are issued with the new chip.

Do we have to keep the refund cards?

No, they should not be kept.

What amount will be refunded?

The part corresponding to the difference between the theoretical period of validity (4 years, on the date of issue of each of the T-CAT) and what it will actually have had on October 1, 2023, based on the public price in force at the time of issue

Late payment interest and VAT are included.

It is not a full refund of the price paid because the T-CAT was able to be used before the revocation due to change of technology of the certificate.

How will the return be made?

When the file has been processed, the AOC will make a payment to your current account.

You will need to have previously provided the IBAN number of your institution and a certificate of ownership of the bank account through the EACAT service which the AOC will make available to you soon.

Steps to follow (Processing through EACAT)

We will soon expand this section with more information on processing via EACAT.

The AOC will send you a EACAT remittance to notify you of the start of the case and the amount to be refunded. It will also ask for the IBAN number of your institution and a certificate of ownership of the bank account.

To respond, you will have at your disposal a specific service at EACAT from where you will have to submit the " Response to the request for documentation and allegations ", using the form you will have at your disposal.

It is important that you use the service procedures so that the AOC can make the appropriate refunds.

From the service you can:

  • Respond to the request for information (IBAN number) and/or make allegations.
  • Waiver of your right
  • Request information about the file
Other doubts

If you have not found the answer to your question, contact the AOC Support Team .