Once any type of certificate has been delivered or downloaded through the subscriber folder, the service manager of the entity has the possibility to download only its public key.

The public key is used to consult the data contained in the certificate, as well as to authorize the use of the certificate by third-party applications (eg device certificates for access to AOC services from own systems).

To do this, the service manager of the entity must access https://scd.aoc.cat specifically in the "Certificates issued" section and once inside search for the certificate from the option "Search":


Once the certificate has been located through the search options, access the details of the data included by clicking on the corresponding result line.


From the details of the certificate, click on step 4, "Certificate" option


Access the download of the public key from the options available under "Certificate". The .cert or crt file will be downloaded locally. This is not the entire certificate but the public key of it.


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