What profile should the service manager have?

Due to the type of tasks related to this role, it is recommended that the designated person has an administrative profile, but there is no problem with a higher profile assuming it, as long as he can personally perform the functions that are his own: deliver the digital certificates to the holders, make them sign the legal documentation, file it conveniently and inform them of their obligations and responsibilities.

How to know who has a digital certificate in the ens

The person responsible for the Digital Certification Service of the entity can consult the subscriber's folder , reports section. You can follow the steps indicated in the reports section of the Manual of the subscriber's folder .

In the event that the Service Manager cannot access the subscriber's folder, he can consult the delivery sheets (in the case of older certificates) or simple copies (in the case of new ones), which accompany all digital certificates that are sent to the entity.

If this is not possible due to the loss of this documentation, the Service Manager himself can consult the AOC Consortium's Customer Service Center.

How to check the status of a certificate request

Once the digital certificates have been requested from your Registration Entity T-CAT, as a service manager you can view what state it is at all times through the "Request Status" section of the " Folder of subscriber "


The application then displays ongoing certificate requests and their status.


To have more details of the status of the request, we can hover the mouse over the status icon


Or also enter the request to have all the details of it.


In the event that your request does not appear in this section , verify that it has been registered in EACAT (in the exit register of your institution). If so, it is possible that the person in charge of the Digital Certification service has received an email informing of the denial of the request due to some error in it.

Recover PIN and PUK from a T-CAT card

Access the Subscriber Folder

From the main page go to "Delivered"


The certificates issued by Ens.


To forward the PIN and PUK codes, you must mark the envelope icon on the right, just as you do to deliver it for the first time.

Once this is done, the data contained in the certificate appears on the screen.

In the case of software certificates, the public key of the certificate can be downloaded, not the entire certificate.


To forward PIN and PUK codes, click Deliver PinPuk

By doing this the application asks for the signature of the operator. The certificate is selected and the PIN is entered, and Accept is clicked.

Once this is done, a screen is displayed that confirms the PIN and PUK codes have been sent to the e-mail of the certificate holder.

Note: If the service manager has T-CAT but cannot use it because he has lost it, blocked the PUK, etc... he will have to revoke the certificate and request it again. See FAQ: Request for digital certificates through EACAT.