Follow the following steps:

1. Access EACAT > Procedures > Lender Consorci AOC > Digital certification service > T-CAT: Request and renewal of application certificates. Device certificate requester must access EACAT and identify themselves with digital certificate.



Note: A user with the editor role can also access and leave the request ready to be signed by the Device Certificate Requester.

2. Complete the application In the "Initial information" tab and indicate:

  • The type of certificate to request; middle level seal
  • The priority of the request; ordinary or urgent (implies differences in rates and delivery time: 16 working days for ordinary requests and 4 working days for urgent ones).


3. In the "Application details" tab, you must indicate the desired "Use of the certificate" (in field 11):

Use of the certificate Characteristics
Transferred exclusively for use of AOC services
  • The certificate will be called "Services Administracio Electronica"
  • It will be used for AOC services
  • We will guard it from the AOC
  • Used for e-TAULER, CÒPIA, Representa, e-NOTUM and AEAT-Via Oberta
  • It cannot be used for the entity's own services
Exclusively given for use of own tools
  • The name of the certificate is freely decided by the entity
  • We will guard it from the AOC
  • It is used in an application owned by the entity that indirectly uses the Centralized Signador of the AOC
  • It can only be used for the agency's own tools (not AOC services)
Own direct use (no transfer option to the AOC)
  • The requesting body can decide all aspects of the certificate and make use of it
  • It is used by the body's own tools in which the AOC does not need to intervene in any process.
  • It may not be assigned later either for AOC services or for the agency's own tools

seal-options-eacat.jpg Note: this fact implies that the us will not be able to download the mid-level stamp certificate from the subscriber's Folder because the AOC Consortium will be in charge of doing so. The entity can only download the public part of the certificate from the subscriber folder.

4. Once all the data has been filled in, you will need to send the request for signature using the "Send to sign" button.

5. Sign the conditions of the certificate request. The user with the role of applicant for device certificates will be able to sign the submission from EACAT/My procedures/To sign, by pressing the "Sign" button. The request will be registered in EACAT and in the hands of the Registration entity it will have to carry out its generation.

Important: in the case of Via Oberta services that require a certificate (AEAT), you must follow the steps in the following FAQ: How to renew a Seal certificate to use AEAT services and use the EACAT remittance > section "Procedures" > "Registration of services Via Oberta" > lender Consorci AOC > Request for CAOC services