The request for digital certificates from the AOC Consortium must be processed through EACAT.

In the event that yours does not yet have a digital certificate, we make available to you the models of application documents for digital certificates from our catalog that you must send by post to the address:

Open Administration of Catalonia Consortium - Digital Certification Services (SCD)

Carrer Salvador Espriu, 45-51
08908L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Personal certificates (natural persons)

Note : if you indicate the optional charge in the personal certificate applications indicated above (T-CAT and T-CAT P) you will need to send the BOE, DOGC or appointment document of this certificate holder . See more information in the guide to requesting personal certificates with charge .

Note: the Representative and Pseudonym forms can only be processed through the EACAT platform, the shipment can only be ordinary, since the urgent will only apply in cases of renewals or in case of loss, theft, etc. .

Certificates of application

  • Certificate of application CDA-1
  • CDA-1 SGNM Medium Level Electronic Seal Certificate

To revoke any of the digital certificates mentioned above, use the Request for revocation of digital certificates .