Issuing digital certificates is one of the functions of the AOC Consortium, aimed at providing digital certificates to the staff of the Catalan public administrations and their systems.
In order to request certificates from the AOC Consortium, the organization must be a subscriber to the AOC Digital Certification Services.
Each subscribing body will be responsible for the request and delivery of the certificates of its workers and its systems. The persons with competences in the body to request, certify the data of the requests and deliver the certificates, as well as their substitutes, are included in the file of the subscribing body.

The steps to follow to register are as follows:

1. Membership in EACAT

To be able to use the services of AOC, in this case, the Digital Certification Service (T-CAT), organizations must be members of EACAT.

Exceptionally, the health bodies that need a certificate of application of the AOC for the projects “Electronic prescription”, “Shared Clinical History”, SISCAT Network, etc., do not need to adhere to EACAT if it is only to obtain this certificate In the "Request the service" section on the AOC website, you will find how to apply for the application certificate for health bodies.

If your organization is not yet a member of EACAT , it is necessary to apply for membership by following the steps you will find in How to join EACAT?

2. Registration in EACAT of the users who will intervene in the application process, data certification and delivery of certificates.

When the company is already attached to EACAT, the user manager of EACAT must register, through the "Configuration" section, the users who will be involved in the process (you can consult the function of each role in the section "Additional information: Roles of the digital certification service" that you will find further down), so that from the Digital Certification Service they can assign the roles corresponding to the digital certification service when they receive the subscriber file. More information in How to register a EACAT user.

The Digital Certification Service in EACAT has a series of roles that are only managed from AOC through the submission of the subscriber file: Service manager, Requester of personal certificates, Requester of application certificates and Certifier (you will be able to see them from EACAT, but you will not be able to assign them).

3. First sending of the subscriber file

Once the users who will be involved in the application and issuance of certificates have been registered in EACAT, they must be digitally signed* by email to

* If you do not have a certificate, you can also send the documents with a handwritten signature to:

Consortium AOC
Digital Certification Services (SCD)
Calle Salvador Espriu 45-51
08908 – L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

From the AOC Consortium we will take the following actions:

- We will assign permissions to EACAT of applicants, certifiers and service managers.
- We will deliver the digital certificates and pin and puk codes by post, in separate shipments.
- We will activate the digital certification service at EACAT at the agency so that you can make new certificate requests completely digitally.
- We will authorize the Service Manager to access the Subscriber's Folder for the delivery of the organization's certificates.

Additional information: Roles of the digital certification service

- Responsible for the service . The service manager acts as a link between the entity and its Registration Entity T-CAT. Among their functions, they are responsible for delivering the digital certificates to the holders, making them sign the legal documentation, filing it conveniently and also informing them of their obligations and responsibilities. There must be a minimum of two people with the role responsible for the digital certification service, but there can be as many as desired in order to ensure the continuity of the service. We recommend that they be people with a management role within the organization and not a profile with a high degree of responsibility.
- Data certifier . The data certifier will be responsible for justifying the veracity of the data in the certificate requests. We recommend that this role be the profile of the entity with the capacity to authenticate the personal data that the digital certificate must contain. For example: the secretary of a town hall, the head of human resources or similar positions. There must be a minimum of two people with the role of certifier, but there can be as many as desired in order to guarantee the continuity of the service.
- Applicant for personal certificates . Persons with authority within the entity to request the issuance, renewal and revocation of personal or entity certificates (e.g. the mayor, deputy mayor or a councilor in the city council, or the director of services of a department of the Generalitat). There must be a minimum of two people with the role of requester of personal certificates, but there can be as many as desired in order to ensure continuity of service.

Application certificate applicant . Individuals with authority within the organization to request the issuance, renewal, and revocation of device certificates (eg, CIO). There must be a minimum of two people in the Device Certificate Requester role, but there can be as many as desired to ensure continuity of service.

Request editor . People who can complete, although not sign, requests for the issuance, renewal and revocation of digital certificates through the EACAT, so that they are prepared for the signature of a user with the role of sole· bidder for certificates. We recommend that request editors be of an administrative profile and that there are a minimum of two people in this role, although there can be as many as desired to ensure service continuity.

NOTE: The requester and certifier roles are incompatible, and it is recommended that there be a minimum of two people in each role.

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